We help young people develop creatively and intellectually, gain work experience during internships and look for a permanent job, learn how to run their own business, unite to help others. The organization helps with admission to universities, holds job fairs, cooperates with large companies, and supports youth volunteer initiatives.

Assistance in study and professional development

"Alashara" uses different formats of work with youth: creative and educational circles, classes with tutors, meetings with business representatives, attracting young people to shoot videos, create comics based on Abaza fairy tales, and organize events. Joint hiking in the mountains is very popular among the young people.

Ideas for the development of youth entrepreneurship resulted in the program "The Future is Ours!".

Young people get the opportunity to work with a psychologist during the "The Future is Ours!" program, learn public speaking at the "Oratory" seminar, learn how to correctly plan the personal budget at the "Me and my attitude to money" master class.

Volunteer movement

"Alashara" pays great attention to the development of the volunteer movement: volunteer centers are being created in Abaza schools. Activists independently arrange areas for work, provide classes with board games in the Abaza language, tell their peers about the norms of behavior of the Abaza people, and participate in youth conferences and forums with their projects. Besides, a team of volunteers helps in organizing major events - the "Abaza Games", the Day of Culture of the Abaza people, the Day of Karachay-Cherkessia, "Айха хъацIа", the "Ashakhv" competition, the "Abanpara" folk crafts competition. The youth is also involved in raising funds for the National Fund of the Abaza people. 

Creativity and expansion of horizons

As part of the "Aybabara" project, teenagers from Abkhazia and Karachay-Cherkessia get the opportunity to live with Abaza families in villages, get to know their way of life, visit Dombay and the Teberdinsky Reserve. 

In 2021, the work of the youth press center was launched. The activists organized the "Guess the Melody" show and dubbed mini-cartoons. A youth "Reading Club" was also opened in an online format, at the meetings of which teenagers - representatives of the Abaza people from different regions and cities - jointly study literary works, analyze and discuss them.

Over the 10 years of operation, "Alashara" has organized dozens of events for young people, in which thousands of people took part. The most active of them receive nominal scholarships from Mussa Ekzekov.