"Alashara" pays great attention to the preservation of traditional culture and the development of modern creativity. The organization holds numerous events (scientific conferences, forums, round tables), in which officials, scientists, activists, as well as representatives of the diaspora from Russia and abroad are invited to participate. In addition, "Alashara" organizes cultural festivals, competitions and publishes scientific, popular science and fiction books by contemporary authors that reveal the identity of the Abaza people.

Main projects

A key element of work in this area is the creation of multimedia films, video courses and audio products in the Abaza language.
Since 2014, the comprehensive program "Preservation and Development of the Abaza People" and since 2020, the Program for the Preservation and Development of the Abkhaz-Abaza language, literature and history have been implemented. The Klyuchev readings and the Tabulov readings have become traditional; collections of articles are published based on their results.

An important event was the release of the video almanac "Abazashta from a bird's eye view." Moreover, within the framework of the project "Traditional games of Abaza and Abkhazians", six mini-films ("Ашьапыкусра", "Ауаса рымпыл", "Cutting and horse riding" etc.) were created, which were shown on TV channels of Abkhazia and Karachay-Cherkessia. 

Book publishing projects are implemented. The Russian-Abaza Dictionary (S.Kh. Gonov, P.A. Dzugov, Kh.D. Zhirov, T.Z. and others) was republished in two editions. The books were given to regional libraries, schools, universities, part of the circulation was sent to the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia and copies of the dictionary were handed over to the ministries and departments of Karachay-Cherkessia.

Support for local initiatives 

With the support of "Alashara", choreographic circles, classes in arts and crafts are opened in schools, performances are staged and entire puppet theaters are created, musical instruments are purchased for rural orchestras, and sound processing equipment for recording studios.

Cooperation with museums

In 2018, an exhibition was organized at the Russian Ethnographic Museum of St. Petersburg as part of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which presented more than 120 exhibits that relate to the ancient Abaza culture.
Another project - "Abaza and Abkhazian folk toys" - was presented at a separate exhibition in the Abkhazian State Museum.

Additional initiatives

"Alashara" takes an active part in memorial events, the purpose of which is to preserve the memory of the achievements of outstanding representatives of the ethnic group and scientists who studied the history and culture of the Abaza. Therefore, for example, thanks to the employees of the organization in the village of Krasny Vostok, a sculptural composition appeared in honor of the ethnographer and Caucasian expert Anatoly Genko, the first Soviet researcher of the Abaza.