Strengthening the institution of the family, spiritual and moral education of the younger generation play an important role in building a civil society. As part of this direction, the organization's employees are engaged in educational projects in preschool institutions, organize children's circles and sections, help teenagers with career guidance and arrange large family events for all ages.

Youth work

Specialists of the ANO "Alashara" are organizing celebrations on the Day of Knowledge, opening new children's clubs and sections in Abaza villages, initiating the construction of leisure sites, and conducting personal growth trainings for teenagers.

It has become a tradition for children to travel to the international military-historical camp "Young Patriot" in Abkhazia, where they spend time with their peers from Apsny.

The idea of the importance of family values was reflected in the annual competition for knowledge of the history of the family "My Family Tree" and formed the basis of the "Link of Generations" project. The project takes place in the format of hiking trips and is designed to revive the tradition of passing on the history of one's people, village and clan from older to younger.

Preservation and support of traditions, care for the older generation

At the suggestion of the organization, women's councils have been created in all Abaza settlements, and the Coordinating Women's Council of the ANO "Alashara" is now dealing with issues of preserving and developing the Abaza ethnic group, its language and culture.

Representatives of "Alashara" are regular participants in the festive events. It has become a tradition to congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War, to present national cuisine on the Day of the People of Abaza and during the cultural and sports festival "Abaza".

A series of videos has been created about the values and traditions of Abaza families, their holidays and way of life: the custom of first putting a newborn in a cradle, the first step holiday, the tradition of good neighborliness, the first furrow holiday. The videos also reveal the secrets of cooking ethnic-style wedding halva and the traditional "basta" dish.