"Alashara" creates new opportunities and additional tools for learning, preserving and popularizing the Abaza language: it contributes to its deeper integration into the education system, organizes scientific events and develops interactive toys for children and mobile applications for adults to make the language learning process accessible and enjoyable.

Help in learning the language 

The Club of the Abaza language "Alashara" has been operating since 2014. During this time, several courses and circles have been organized for students and practitioners of the Abaza language. For several years now, classes have been held, including in an online format and using mobile applications. Hundreds of people became their listeners.
The organization promotes language learning in other countries by sending specialists to train representatives of local Diasporas. It also conducts ongoing research of schoolchildren on knowledge of the language and monitoring the quality of its teaching.

Educational and methodological kits have been developed for teaching the Abaza language to children and adults. Visual teaching aids are printed for schools; multimedia materials, board games, as well as interactive toys that speak the Abaza language are created. "Alashara" provides financial assistance in the creation of private kindergartens with the study of the Abaza language.


With the participation of the organization, an ethnic component was included in the educational program of kindergartens in Cherkessk, and an Abaza group for children emerged in one of the institutions. Visual materials and a methodological manual for the study of the Abaza language in rural preschool institutions have been developed, it has passed the necessary scientific examinations, agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of Karachay-Cherkessia and has become part of the kindergarten program in Abaza villages. Moreover, the teachers completed advanced training courses on working with methodological aids - at the expense of the ANO "Alashara".


In addition, Mussa Ekzekov allocates additional funds from personal funds to schools that find an opportunity to increase the number of hours of the Abaza language in the curriculum.


Thanks to the efforts of "Alashara", other organizations are also actively involved in the creation of developmental materials, mainly through the mechanism of grant support for initiatives.


Support for scientific activities

A prize was established for candidates of science in the field of the Abaza language and literature. Thanks to it, the number of specialists who enter graduate school and contribute to the development and preservation of the language with their scientific work is increasing. Conferences and competitions dedicated to the Abaza language are held.

On the initiative of "Alashara", an electronic library of materials on various topics has been created and is constantly updated, including works of art, dictionaries, reference and scientific publications on the Abaza language and literature.

Popularization of the Abaza language

Thanks to the "Alashara" initiative, TV programs in the Abaza language are shown on regional TV channels: cooking shows about the peculiarities of cooking Abaza national dishes, children's entertainment programs, quizzes on knowledge of the subtleties and nuances of the language.