Legal structure

The sole executive body of the organization is the President. The President performs the following tasks: represents the interests of the organization, manages its property and funds and approves the program of events.
The supreme collegial body is the Board. It provides general management, develops a financial plan, reviews projects and monitors their implementation.

President of ANO "Alashara" - Mussa Ekzekov

Office of the President

Head - Kan Tania
Deputy Head/Head of Information Policy and Communications – Tengiz Tarba
Deputy Head - Mikhail Kalinkin
Assistant Manager - Konstantin Starostin 

Branches and employees

The "Alashara" team implements a variety of projects: educational programs, charity events and major sports, cultural and commemorative events. 12 people provide daily work.
The key instrument of work is Public Councils, which are created in each locality. They allow to quickly connect local residents to solving the most important problems for a particular village.
Public councils and women's councils are successfully operating in 13 villages.


Separate subdivision of ANO "Alashara" in the KChR
Phone: +7 (878-2) 27-31-41
Email Email:
Head - Murat Mukov

Deputy Head - Murat Gedugov

Administrator - Beslan Marchanukov
"Abaza language" department

Head - Zaur Meremkulov
Program for the preservation and development of the Abkhaz-Abaza (Abaza) language, literature and history (2020 - 2026)

Head - Sergey Pazov
"Culture" department

Head - Murat Mukov
"Health and Medicine" department
Head -
"Family and Children" department

Head - Natella Dzhemakulova
Coordinating Women's Council

Head - Irina Khutova
+7 928 390-72-90
"Youth Development" department

Head - Alina Kablakhova
"АбзихагIвчва" volunteer corps

Head - Nazir Bidzhev
+7 (963) 285-78-00
"Sport Development" department 
Head -
Academy of Sports of the Abaza People

Head - Nazir Khamukov
Legal Department

Senior Legal Counsel - Makhmud Kurtaev

Legal Counsel - Larisa Pospelova
Department of Information and Analytical Support

Head - Georgy Chekalov

Assistant Manager - Arina Gonova
Discussion club

Head - Stella Dzhemakulova
National Foundation of the Abaza People

Head - Murat Gedugov